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you won't see i'm unhappy.

just this
is too

it doesn't help,
when you hug me.
i'm lorn, because
i want someone
like me.

but it would be
only one cut.

won't you love me?

whereever you'll go
don't take me with you.

it's just one tear
left to cry.
tell me what's penetrating
your heart.
don't keep silent.

die, bitch, die.

and i don't want
to hurt you anymore.
but i'll do, i'll do.

cut your
name in my

i have a heart
to give away
- do you want it?
you can do whatever you want.

and i wanted to get away from here,
just to leave this world and this
head and this fucking unbeautiful
body. but i won't got, i won't
leave. because i'm bound.
and i can't get
away for the
next time,
can i?

i don't want to feel this..
go away, feeling! go away!

you have to live your depression out.

leave me alone
but hold me close
because i want
to feel you behind me

it's just one step you have to take
and just one heart to give away.

cut him out
of your

after this
i'll die.

forgive me,
forgive me.
just break my heart.

go and leave me alone. 

14.4.08 20:32

i thought i had found someone in you
i could love until i die
but my heart shattered in thousand and thousand of pieces
when you were near

i thought i had found someone in you
who could take my loneliness
but my body even didn't get orgasms
when you were playing with it

though i just got fucked by you
i'm as lorn as i could be

i don't want you anymore
i'd hide the truth behind all these lies

you almost lost me
a long time ago

i'm lost.
i lost myself.
i lost you.
i lost.

if you're playing
with fire
you only can
get burned
by it.

say that you love me
and buy me a plastic ring.

make my heart
to mirrorpieces
and make my head
to butterflies

and everytime you'll dance
i'll make you stop
because you don't deserve
flowers and colours and so on

at all
you don't deserve living
do you?

make my heart
to mirrorpieces
and make my head
to butterflies

cause you almost
cut your name in my heart
i can't make it go away
and it will stay forever

like you won't go out of my head
you won't walk away
with your heart in your pocket
only mine will go with you

so, make my heart
to mirrorpieces
and make my head
to butterflies. 

14.4.08 20:42

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21.4.08 14:49


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